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#42 - Trust the Process

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"I probably didn't rely on that in my twenties, early thirties, you know. Especially when you embark on the journey of becoming a parent and you are looking to other people, but you haven't really questioned what your own values and beliefs are before you ask advice from other people. And I think to sort of trust your own wisdom from an earlier age is probably something that I would say to my younger self." Episode #42 with Cat Preston I had the pleasure of meeting and learning from Cat in the Story Skills Workshop. A lady from the south of England originally, she has truly called a lot of the world her home for years, berthing her 3 children on different continents, supporting her husband through different opportunities which has seen them live in France and across South East Asia including Malaysia and Hong Kong to name but a few. In this conversation we talk about how Cat's life didn't turn out how she'd expected it to be, but how she is truly taking everything in her stride to now be living an eclectic life. Asking important questions such as, "Who's it not for?" and being in a place where she now trusts is her own instincts and wisdom as she approaches half a century in this lifetime; I am proud to share this conversation and learnings from the wonderful, Cat Preston. Please enjoy.

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Episode #42 with Cat Preston

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What was mentioned;

The Story Skills Workshop via Akimbo

Bernadette Jiwa - Bernadette is the co founder and brains behind the workshop.  She has become a good friend to Cat, who said in an email post the show of Bernadette, " inspirational leader. I have learnt so much working alongside her on the Story Skills Workshop. So with that in mind, if you could reference the workshop in the show notes with a link to the course I’d be very grateful."  

I also personally highly recommend checking it out. Cracking course!

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Marie Forleo

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